'Take a Seat' a Muster Stool from Creativity, Design and Production, Forest Cool Crafts. New for 2023 and available now. For when you need a portable seat. Packed in its own distinctive bag a beautiful solid sweetchestnut and hazel wood deconstructed three leg stool. Simply muster the parts together, push and rotate the coppiced hazel wood legs into the locally sourced sweet chestnut seat holes and a voula! a beautiful and functional seat. When you are ready to go simply demuster the parts, twist and pull out the legs from the seat and pop back into the bag. Simple! Ideal for festivals, events and for aroumd the home and in the garden. Available as a product to purchase or as a workshop to make your own at festivals, events, craft and outdoor shows on our calander this year. No online shop currently but we are looking into this. Retail price £30 for the 18 inch tall stool and £25 for the 12 inch size. Available in round or square/rectangular natural edge tops. See photos. Wholesale enquireys welcome. Can be customised with your name/logo lazer engraved into the seat top at additional cost.