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At Creativity DP, we take pride in our dedication to designing and producing elegant, environmentally-conscious event furniture and woodware, suitable for all occasions.

Our devotion to sustainability and supporting our local community shines through in every aspect of our work, from selecting locally-sourced materials to crafting designs that emphasise durability and long-lasting use. At every event we supply, we'll celebrate our passion for creativity and fine craftsmanship with you so, if you're looking for benches, wooden tables and chairs for rent in Lincoln, or anywhere else in the UK, we can supply what you need. We also offer a diverse range of activities ourselves; from creative learning projects to heritage crafts, Creativity DP offers something for everyone.

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Creative Learning Projects

Dive into our hands-on creative learning projects designed to inspire and educate. Learn new skills and discover innovative approaches to design and craftsmanship.

All while having fun and expanding your horizons.

Children playing at craft workshop

Learning Opportunities

We love to engage the community in learning opportunities. Join us for workshops and activities where we share our knowledge and expertise, and create a space for collaboration and growth.


People weaving at table


Celebrate the joy of creativity with us at local festivals! We showcase our stunning event furniture and woodware, and often hold live demonstrations and interactive activities for all to enjoy.


Sewing Equipment

Make Games and Then Play Them

Unleash your inner game designer as we explore the fascinating world of game creation. We'll guide you through the process of designing and crafting unique games, such as custom chess sets, and then put your creations to the test as we play together.


metal Plates Crafts

Woodwork Projects

Discover the art of woodworking as we guide you through various projects, from beginner-friendly to advanced. Learn essential techniques and create beautiful, functional pieces for your home or to gift to someone special.


Handmade wooden chess board

Metalwork Projects

Expand your creative skills with our cold formed metal work projects. Explore various techniques and materials as you learn to craft unique and durable pieces.



Woodworking workshop

Stitching and Sewing

Embrace the world of textiles as we teach you the art of stitching and sewing. Create beautiful, functional items from locally-sourced fabrics, while learning valuable skills to take home with you.


flags at a festival entrance

Heritage Crafts

Delve into the rich history of traditional crafts and explore their modern applications. Learn time-honored techniques and create pieces that connect you with the past and the local community.


teaching children crafts at a festival

Food & Music

Join us as we celebrate the connection between creativity, food, and music. Enjoy local cuisine and live performances while surrounded by the beauty of our eco-friendly event furniture and woodware.








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